There’s a lot of video content out there. So much, in fact, that it can be hard to stand out from the crowd. That’s why so many businesses are turning to scripted video content – it seems like an easy way to get ahead. They think that every video needs to be perfect and that this can only come with a script. However, there are several reasons why you should choose authentic over scripted video content.

People Want Genuine Stories And Personalities

In a world where customers are being sold products dozens of times a day, they can see right through inauthentic content. As a result, they want to see genuine stories and personalities in the videos they watch; this is something that scripted videos can’t provide.

When you opt for authentic video content, you’re able to show your audience who you really are. This type of content allows you to build trust with your audience, which is essential if you want them to do business with you. Suddenly, they see that the people behind the videos are just like them…human.

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Authentic Videos Are More Engaging

Another reason to choose authentic video content is that it’s generally more engaging than scripted videos. This is because people are more interested in watching real people than they are in watching actors, or people reading from a script.

With authentic video content, viewers don’t know what to expect next; this keeps them engaged and wanting to watch more. Scripted videos, on the other hand, often feel stale and predictable. Viewers can guess what’s going to happen – the person in the video is going to continue reading from the script and anything that didn’t go to plan during the recording will have been cut.

Without the script, the person on camera can show their personality and make mistakes that are endearing to viewers. With the right people, viewers will actually come back for the person just as much as the valuable content. When you use a script, you’re usually relying on the written word to do all the work. In fact, having a good video intro also plays an important role in catching your audience’s attention, so making a good one is a bright idea. If you are struggling to make one for your channel, you can use intro templates. With this, you can save time and effort.

Put A Face To The Brand

For most people, businesses are just an endless procession of faceless entity after faceless entity. If you want to change that perception, then you need to put a face – or several faces – to your brand. Video is the perfect way to do that, and removing scripts from videos takes this even further.

When people are forced to read from a script, they come across as just that – scripted. There’s no room for the quirks and imperfections that make us human, and those are the very things that people connect with. If you want your viewers to connect with your brand, then you need to show them the real people behind it.

Save Time And Money

What better reason to lose the script than to save time and money? As a digital marketing company like tell you, knowing a general outline and themes is normally enough. From there, it’s simply a case of riffing and going with the flow. You don’t have to spend a whole afternoon writing a script – instead, just stand up in front of the camera and have a conversation. This will make the brand more personable and you won’t believe the difference it makes to engagement.


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