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Guest posting is one of the best ways to boost SERP rankings and website traffic. It primarily involves writing guest posts for relevant and authoritative guest posting sites in your niche. But things are easier said than done. wondering why?

Read on to know.

With the whopping number of blogs and websites online, finding the right one from the lot is a dauntless task. Luckily, Mangoster stands at your resort. In this blog, we have discussed everything you need to know about guest posting in 2022. We have also provided a comprehensive list of free guest posting websites. Therefore, stay tuned and read on. 

Seeking guest posting sites where you can send and get your guest posts published for free in 2022?

If yes, you have come to the right place. This piece of Mangoster enlists the top free guest posting sites. According to your niche, you can pick any site from our list and publish your guest blog without having to pay any charges. Rest assured, this guest posting site list is well-researched, latest, and verified for guest posting in 2022.

Off-page SEO and guest posting are closely related. And Google may have eliminated a lot of link-building techniques, but guest posting is not one of them. It had been effective in the past and it shall remain the same for several years to come. So, pull up your sleeves and get ready to do some quality guest blogging.

General Posting Website

Website URLDADRContactWebsite URLDADRContact

CBD Related Guest Posting Website:

Website URLDADRContactWebsite URLDADRContact

Home Improvement Guest Posting Website:

Website URLDADRContactWebsite URLDADRContact

Technology Guest Posting Website:

Website URLDADRContactWebsite URLDADRContact

Entertainment Guest Posting Website:

Website URLDADRContactWebsite URLDADRContact

Health Related Guest Posting Website:

Website URLDADRContactWebsite URLDADRContact

Finance Related Guest Posting Website:

Website URLDADRContactWebsite URLDADRContact

A Genuine Reminder –

We shall start with a discussion on guest posting and the aspects associated with it. Thereafter, we shall explore the guest posting sites list 2022.

So, without any more ado’s let’s get started.

What is Guest Posting?

Guest Blogging is not a new term for anyone who has been into digital marketing. This digital marketing strategy moves ahead intending to boost your site’s visibility and traffic.

In the simplest terms, guest posting refers to the process of writing and publishing articles and content for other websites. The concept is to write similar content as you do for your website. However, the same shall be published on someone else’s website in your niche. Objective being –

Pull traffic from the other website to your own via quality backlinking and optimize visibility on the search result page. At the end of the day, guest posting is a helpful asset of the SEO strategy. It allows for more backlinks, traffic, and eventually, a good rank on the SERP.

Guest posting is an effective approach to building a relationship with peers while optimizing your business. A typical guest post by you includes your by-line. The publishing website’s editor can also choose to highlight the by-line as ‘guest author’. You may or may not receive any payments for your guest posts. It shall entirely depend on the publishing website’s owner. At times, you can receive monetary or non-monetary rewards too. While the monetary rewards include paychecks, the non-monetary rewards include –

  • Social media account mentions
  • Website link embedding
  • Expert profile
  • Brand authority
  • More followers/subscribers directed via backlinks
  • Website traffic

One can easily find hundreds of guest posting sites today. But just as you read above, guest posting is easier said than done. The bloggers are often hesitant to accept guest posts. They have their reservations and consider a wide array of factors before posting your writings.

A blogger will buy guest posts only if it is –

  • Relevant
  • Genuine
  • Informative/educational
  • Original
  • And fresh

Benefits of Guest Posting?

Guest posting has had its share of negative reputation, all thanks to the black hat SEO techniques. For an online business, guest posting can be an ideal means to create brand awareness. And might I add, there are multiple benefits of investing time in guest posting. 

The following are the benefits of guest blogging/guest posting in 2022:

  • Enhanced online presence

Guest posting means optimizing your website’s reputation in the eyes of the potential audience and the search engines. The search engine would reward your website with a higher ranking on the search result page if you have strong backlinks.

  • Boosts website traffic

Increased website traffic is one of the prominent reasons behind the popularity of guest posting. The visitors on the guest posting sites would not hesitate to visit your website if they find your content interesting and helpful.

  • Brand recognition

If you want a potential audience to recognize you as their go-to option, building brand authority is important. And guest posting is crucial for the same. Via publishing your post on guest posting sites of the niche market, you are opening your business for exposure.

Guest posting is a brilliant method to give a preview of your products, services, and content to the potential audience.

  • Social media growth

If the audience on the guest posting sites like your content, they would visit your website and the social media profiles without hesitation. Also, they would follow you for more content of their interest.

  • Backlinking

Link building is yet another perk of guest posting. The guest posting site would embed your website link in your guest post as a non-monetary reward. Coming from a reputed website, this method of backlinking will surely optimize your performance in the SERP.

  • Networking

Working with guest posting sites will ensure that you are building meaningful equations with your peers in the niche industry. After all, you can easily collaborate with them for greater benefits, learn from and help each other grow. 

  • Lead generation

The website owners and digital marketers spend a great deal of their time on guest posting only because it generates quality leads.

  • Sales and Conversions

Exposure to a wider audience means more website traffic and engagement. This shall eventually translate into higher sales and conversions. Contributing to guest posts paves way for the shorter sales funnel.

How to Pitch a Guest Post?

Content strategy is crucial in guest posting. Also, for a guest posting site that receives tens of pitches/guest posts every day, it takes a lot to choose one for publishing. To get your content published on the guest posting sites, you have to create something that can be easily approved. To ensure your guest post sails smoothly through the editor’s checklist, you need to put in some extra effort. That being said, it has to be unique and fresh. Content quality cannot be compromised at any cost.

Here we have discussed some tips n’ tricks to pitch a guest post efficiently –

  • Well-researched content

Creating a guest post that can interest the visitors of the guest posting website is important. Your post should meet the requirements of the site owner/editor. Focus on creating content that the users can enjoy. It must be entertaining, informative, and unique. So, do your research before creating any guest post.

To begin with, visit the guest posting site you are interested in. and read the contents published on the website. Try to understand its audience and the type of content previously published. Ensure that your guest post caters to the needs of the audience.

  • Connecting with Peers

Guest posting sites are not some supermarkets where you go, get your stuff, and move on. Guest posting is about building a relationship. Via guest posting, you are attempting to achieve multiple milestones at once. For instance –

  1. You are generating traffic for your website
  2. Connecting with the peers in the niche market
  3. Building network to collaborate in the future

So, do not mail your guest post without any introductions. We suggest you send the guest posting site a personalized email introducing yourself. Pitch your story in a sentence or two and share your idea about the guest blog.

Chances are, the guest posting site owner will revert your email soon.

  • Catchy Subject Line

As we already specified, guest posting sites receive a lot of guest posts regularly. And only a handful of this lot makes it to the shortlist for publishing. So, if you want your guest post to not get lost in the inbox, pen an interesting subject line.

If you succeed to impress the site owner with your quirky and killing subject line, you might get your guest blog published.  

  • Present Unique Idea

It all starts right here!

By ‘here,’ I mean the presentation of your idea.

Things can either go down south or move up north at this very point. Invest some time in research and come up with as many ideas as possible. And do eliminate the ideas that have already been published on the site. There’s no chance a guest posting site would publish repetitive tasks.

Once you have found the right topics, things get easier.

Also, work on at least 5 to 7 topics. It optimizes your chances of getting approved. 

  • Sign-off and Follow-up

You’ve penned your guest post, and have written the email, the step is to hit the send button, right?

I would state otherwise. While signing off, ensure that you are creative. Check everything for proofreading. Once you are sure there’s nothing wrong, send the email.

But be mindful, that things do not end here. Ensure sending a follow-up email because follow-up is just as important.

Some Quality Guest Post Website On General Guest post Website:

Apzo Blog5648https://www.apzoblog.com/write-for-us/
Lemony Blog5642https://lemonyblog.com/write-for-us/
WP Newsify5674Click Here
WP Reset5564Click Here
Feed Beater5568Click Here
Hi-Tech Weirdo5568Click Here
Pace Business5562Click Here
Yehi Web5369Click Here
Techy Ice5572Click Here
85 Ideas4172Click Here
PC Stacks6365Click Here
Techy Eyes6571Click Here

How to be a Perfect Guest Blogger?

Guest Posting – as the name suggests refers to the process of creating content to be published on second-party websites. The act shall benefit your business with an opportunity to target and reach a new audience and increase your following on social media platforms, traffic, and rankings.

Therefore, be mindful of the following points while creating a guest post –

  • The topic should be interesting
  • It should revolve around the search intent of your audience
  • The post has to be of the niche market
  • Also, no spammy approaches are off deem
  • Proofreading is a must
  • Follow a unique idea with fresh opinions

Finding Best Guest Posting Sites – Methods Explained

Unlike how you presume, there are multiple ways to find the guest posting sites. Although it is not an easy task, it is fruitful for sure.

As a guest blogger, your first thought would be to collaborate only with the top websites in the niche industry. But chances are, the top blogs would not even open your guest blog, let alone publish it. It could primarily be because the guest posting sites receive a sheer volume of guest blogs regularly. Also, even if they open your content, it might not interest them. Read about the right ways to pitch a blog in the above sections. 

If you are looking to post your content on Mangoster visit Write For Us Page

Here’s how you can find relevant guest posting sites in your niche industry.

  • Google Strings – List of Search Queries

Google and other search engines are ideal places to look for any information including guest posting sites 2022. Find the sites that buy guest blogs via advanced search query in Google. Hit the advanced search engine for the relevant query and press enter.

Once you go to the search result page, go through the websites to find the potential one. Thereafter, you can start the guest posting process.

You can use the following keywords/search queries to find the list of guest posting websites.

Write to us, guest posting/blogging, free guest posting sites, blogs that accept guest posting, contribute to our site, blogging sites, guest blogging sites, guest blog wanted, become a guest blogger. 

  • Categories Search

Go to the advanced search query in the search engine and seek categories search. For a category search, you need to add the category name beside the search query. Take a look at some examples –

  1. Write to Us Technology

In the given example, write to us is a general guest post query and technology is the category name. Seeking such queries will direct you to the guest posting sites that accept technology guest posts. Here are some more examples.

  • Technology blogs that accept tech guest post
  • Submit guest post education
  • Marketing blogs that accept business guest post
  • Blogs that buy finance guest post
  • Home décor guest post blogs

  • Competitor Backlinks

The objective is to find the backlinks your competitor has. Using the right tool is recommended. Once you have all the backlinks built by your competitor, the next step would be to find the guest posting sites and contributors.

At the end of this procedure, you will have some genuine guest posting sites that buy guest posts.

  • Featured Guest Post Pages

Yet another very interesting methodology to find some excellent guest post sites is via checking a featured column on the site. The majority of the websites will include a list of websites they have been featured in. In short, these websites are the ones that accept and buy guest posts.

So, the next time you are visiting a website, make it a point to check for featured guest posts.

  • Social Media

Social media is a great way to find almost anything, let alone the guest post contributor. The websites are likely to share about being featured on any site if they do. Use the search strings on Twitter to find posts about the particular keyword.

And once you have found the posts citing guest posting sites, you can evaluate them to pick the relevant one.

  • Pre-made Guest Posting Lists

This one happens to be the easiest of all methods that have been made to our list so far. Several blogs and websites make your job pretty easy. They conduct detailed research and publish a list of guest blogging sites at your resort. This post by Mangoster is an example of pre-made guest posting lists 2022. But things might get tricky once you have opened a list.

On every website, the list would seem genuine and appealing. It would be your job to find which sites on the list are best-suited for you.

How to Write a Good Guest Post?

Writing a successful guest post is a complicated task. It is not just about sufficing your potential audience with interesting content. It is also about satisfying someone else’s audience as an expert. The guest posting websites would have spent a great deal of their time building a loyal audience for themselves. Via guest posting, they allow you to speak to their audience for the greater good. So, it is only fair for them to expect you to outshine your competition to get acknowledged.

While writing a guest post, the first step is to get the publisher’s approval and get the content published on his website. But things do not end here. The next step is to engage his audience in your content and eventually encourage them to visit your website. And no guest posting sites will let you use their platform without any effort on your part. You will have to create content that establishes your expertise before the guest posting site’s owner. There are 3 key methodologies to do so –

  • Establish yourself as a follower of their work
  • Convince the blogger of your expertise in the niche industry
  • Prove that you are capable and can provide valuable content to the relevant audience

looking for more websites to post your content fast Visit Guest Posting Website List

Here we have enlisted 10 practical tips to create a successful guest post –

  • Write for guest posting sites’ audience
  • Content should align with the brand
  • Follow their content format
  • Provide a CTA
  • Keep in mind, that guest posting is about you but the post is about the readers and what they need, i.e., information
  • By-line should have tidbits about you and a professional photograph of you
  • Direct users to a landing page instead of the website homepage
  • Include internal SEO links
  • Share the guest post as well as the relevant images in the email

Dos and Don’ts

There always comes a set of dos and do-nots with everything that you are to do in an SEO. Guest posting is no different. Take a look at the things that you are to do or avoid doing while guest posting.


Starting with the Dos, i.e., things that will be mindful to do

  • Read the blogs of the guest posting sites before pitching your post
  • Understand the site’s audience
  • Pen unique content
  • Build relationships via interactions on social media before sending your pitch
  • Choose a strong subject and even stronger title
  • Follow the guideline provided by the guest posting sites


  • Do not overstuff your guest post with keywords
  • No repetition – choose a topic that has not been covered by the website

P.S.: the topic has to be of niche industry

  • Do not mass email your guest post to multiple guest posting sites. It could end up in the spam bin. 

Myths of Guest Posting

Guest posting has been an effective SEO strategy for a very long time. It is an efficient way to optimize your website’s online performance and boost traffic. If done correctly, guest blogging can benefit your online business in a variety of ways. However, messing up the guest posting can direct things to go south.

Let’s explore some common myths about guest posting –

  • Guest Posting is Dead

Guest posting or guest blogging is not dead and it shall not die anytime soon. It is just as efficient as any other SEO tactic.

  • Reputation Matters

It is not easy for anyone to get into guest posting and get your post published on a reputable website. But there’s no primary requisite as such. Whether you are a new guest blogger or an experienced one, your guest post will be acknowledged and published only if it synonymizes relevant quality content.

  • Publishing is the Last Step

It is high time that you start acknowledging reality. The guest posting cycle does not end with the publishing of the post. You should promote your guest post after publishing. Also, interact with the potential audience on social media to increase visibility and recognition.

Guest Posting Checklist – Tips n’ Tricks

Use the following Guest Posting checklist, and you shall have higher chances of creating quality content that could impress the guest posting sites.

  • Detailed and in-depth guest posts
  • Give references to boost content-quality
  • Add images, charts, and internal links
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Name Dropping other bloggers
  • Write for Audience –
  1. Headings/subheadings
  2. Bullet points
  3. Images
  4. Credits resources
  6. Highlight important points via bold fonts

Guest Posting Sites That Accept Guest Blogs

Guest posting is a proven SEO strategy to improve your brand awareness and visibility on the search engine. But as much as guest posting sounds appealing, finding the guest posting sites is devastating. Searching for a good guest posting site would mean scrolling through millions of websites to find the right ones. And something tells us, you would rather want more filtered guest posting sites to list 2022 to do guest blogging.

That being said, Mangoster is here at your resort.

Forbes, Entrepreneur, and Business Insider are indeed great places to do guest posting. But they may not be the right website for you. Also, you stand nominal chances in getting their attention towards your guest post because they could be receiving thousands of guest posts every day.

We have performed comprehensive research in finding guest posting sites list 2022. This list has it all. You talk about any industry and we have a guest posting site for you. Rest assured, we have segregated the guest posting sites into several categories for you. Find the right guest posting sites for your business right away.

Best Guest Posting Sites List 2022

Before you dive deeper into the blog to explore hundreds of guest posting sites list 2022, take a look at the top sites. The following list includes the top 10 guest posting sites in 2022. These guest posting sites buy guest blogs for the most common categories like –

  1. Guest Posting in SEO/ Social Media Posting/ Digital Marketing Guest Post
  2. Education Guest Post
  3. Home Decor Guest Post
  4. Health Guest Posting/Lifestyle Guest Posting
  5. Business and Finance Guest Post
  6. Technology Guest Post
  7. Gaming, Gadgets Guest Posting
  8. Fashion Guest Post
  9. Start-Up/Business/Entrepreneur Guest Posting
  10. Web Designing and Software Guest Posts

Here is a list of Guest Post Categories with a High Acceptance Rate

Take a look at the guest posting categories that offer high acceptance rates for a guest post. The bloggers of the following categories tend to accept/buy guest posts pretty easily. However, you should still create quality content or you’d stand no chance in guest posting.

  • Guest Posting in SEO
  • Health Guest Posting
  • Home Decor Guest Post
  • Education Guest Post
  • Tech Guest Post
  • Fashion Guest Post
  • Finance Guest Post
  • Technology Guest Post
  • Entrepreneur/Business Guest Post
  • Web Designing and Software
  • Lifestyle Guest Posting
  • Entertainment Guest Post
  • Real Estate Guest Post
  • Sports Guest Blog
  • Food Guest Post

Content is the king of Digital Marketing and Guest Posting. So if you are looking to hire quality content writer visit Content Writing Services.

1 – Tech Guest Posting Sites List 2022

Guest posting, also known as guest blogging will only be effective and beneficial if you create quality content. It should be interesting = and provide valuable information to the target audience. Here is a list of guest posting sites 2022 that buy and accept tech guest posts –

Check out this list, shortlist the right ones, approach the owners and start guest posting.

2 – Business Guest Posts – Business Submit Guest Post

Whether you are a business expert or a new entrepreneur working on your start-up, guest posting is right for you as long as you can create content that suffices bloggers and guest posting sites. Also, it must attract and engage the audience. Online or offline no business is nothing without the audience, after all.
Share your guest post pitch to the following guest posting sites and trigger your online growth. Discover the top business guest posting sites in 2022 –

3 – Lifestyle & Fashion Guest Posting Sites

Lifestyle and fashion is a vast industry. You might not be an expert in every sub-category coming under Lifestyle & fashion. So, run a background check on the following guest posting sites lists 2022 before taking your pick.

That being said, guest posting is perfect for you if you aim to outreach a new, potential audience.

4 – Guest Posting in SEO, Digital Marketing, Content Marketing, and Social Media Blogs

Someone with extensive knowledge in digital marketing and search engine optimization will never neglect a chance of guest posting. And you are no different, we bet. You are here to discover the best guest blogging sites that accept guest posting in SEO, Digital marketing, and categories associated. The guest blogging websites mentioned below deal primarily with the various aspects associated with digital marketing.

Here is a list of guest posting sites that welcome guest posts –

5 – Software, Web Designing & Development and WordPress Technology – Guest Posting Sites List 2022

WordPress Enthusiasts would love guest posting for the websites listed below. Check out these websites and find your pick to start guest posting right away.

Run a background check to understand the audience and brand alignment of the website.

6 – Investing and Finance Guest Posts

The guest posting sites list in the following section deals with the various aspects of finance, investing, and general business. Find the right guest posting site from this lot and pitch your expertise to sky-rocket your business growth.

7 – Health Guest Posting – Blogs that Accept Health Guest Posts

Believe it or not, the contemporary era is a lot about staying healthy and leading a lifestyle free of ailments. That being said, websites pitching health and lifestyle have a lot of visitors. If you own one such website and are seeking a good platform to start guest posting, stay tuned.

Keep reading to discover guest posting sites list 2022 that accept health guest posting

8 – Business Guest Post

Entrepreneur, business, or start-up, whatever is your niche industry, the following list has guest posting sites for you. Read on to find the right guest posting site to start guest posting –

9 – Guest Posting Sites Accepting Education Guest Post

Submit Guest Post Education

Online education has been a new normal for the last couple of years. Irrespective of his age and profession, everyone wants to learn. And why should one not?

Educate and inform your potential audience via education guest posts on the following sites. These guest posting sites encourage submit guest post education.

10 – Home Décor Guest Posting Sites

Explore the list of guest posting sites that accept guest posts on home décor and other relevant topics –

Estate Adapts5241Click Here

11 – CBD Guest posting Website –

CBD World Web5542Click Here

12 – Digital Marketing Guest Posting Website List –

Search Engine Watch10088Click Here
SEOBlog.com4273Click Here
Seomator3668Click Here
Mangools Blog4372Click Here
RankWatch Blog4771Click Here
Search Engine Land9191Click Here
Social Media Examiner8087Click Here
OnCrawl5073Click Here
Woorise4271Click Here
SingleGrain6080Click Here


Little knowledge is dangerous. Being an industry expert in SEO and digital marketing, you would have access to comprehensive tools and can create an effective content strategy to appeal to the target audience. But guest posting is not just as easy for a non-tech savvy. So, we suggest you do thorough homework and learn the basics of guest posting before starting up. And remember –

Irrespective of the topic that you choose, follow the Google guidelines on guest posting. Do not ignore your SEO content strategy either.

Frequently Asked Question | Guest Posting Sites, Guest Posting in 2022, Blogs that Accept and Buy Guest Posts

Does Guest Posting Still Work?

There has been a rumor airing around that the guest posting is dead and it doesn’t help with SEO anymore. But that is, most certainly, not true. With a wide array of benefits that tag along, guest posting is still very much relevant.

You might, however, have to work a bit more into buying/selling guest posts. To ensure guest posting helps your website positively, you might have to adhere to certain rules and guidelines. As per your convenience and resources, you might choose to do paid or unpaid guest posting. Whatever you choose, the benefits are sure to pour in. 

Where can I submit a free guest post?

A variety of bloggers and guest posting sites are willing to buy guest posts from the writers/guest bloggers. Explore the top guest posting sites list 2022 on Mangoster to facilitate your website’s organic traffic and SERP performance. 

What are the benefits of guest blogging?

Take a look at the benefits offered by guest blogging/posting –

  • High-quality backlinks
  • Increased website traffic
  • Enhanced domain authority
  • Brand awareness
  • Networking
  • Expertise
  • Optimized SERP ranking

How do I find guest posting sites and blogs that accept guest posts?

Several methodologies can help you find guest posting sites and blogs that accept/buy guest blogs. Take a look at some of the easiest ways –

  • Google searches
  • Competitor backlinks
  • Searches on social media
  • Categories searches
  • Pre-made guest posting lists

Do you get paid for guest posts?

Guest posts can be both, paid as well as unpaid. However, if you are after the building quality backlinks, monetization of guest blogs should not be your concern. And in case you do guest posting to earn money, we suggest you go after freelance writing. It would earn you more bucks. 

How do guest bloggers make money?

Guest bloggers make money prominently by selling guest posts to various guest posting sites and posts. Here’s how you can make money as a guest blogger –

  • Look for blogging sites paying for guest content. It should be of the same niche as your website
  • Pitch high profile bloggers
  • Sell customized content to guest posting sites, magazine websites, aggregators, and listicles.

What are paid guest posting sites?

The paid guest posting sites are the blogging platforms that pay you, i.e., their guest blogger, in exchange for writing content for their website.

Is Guest Posting Safe for SEO?

It might come as a surprise, but guest blogging/posting is not just safe. It is a pretty effective SEO strategy too. Writing and buying guest posts exposes your business to a new audience that might be interested in your website. Guest posting provides quality backlinks to your website.


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