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We at Mangoster welcome your all the type of contributions like drafts, feedback, and praise. Fill up the form and we will get back to you. If you want to publish your content then please take a look at our guidelines and please make sure your draft will follow all the guidelines and writing styles.

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Aren’t we happy that you found your way to us? Mangoster is a virtual space where you will be able to curate your writing style in the most creative way possible. Mangoster has specialized in providing information to a wide range of users who read on various topics. This means more scope for you to find what speaks to you. Moreover, you write for us we pay handsomely is the deal we go by. 

Write for us for the sake of economic growth and career benefits. We have started accepting guest posts on a variety of topics that are relevant to our site. We post pieces of writing on Lifestyle, Education, Biography, Technology, and Health. However, before submitting anything from the mentioned niche, go through our guidelines.  

Guest Posting Guidelines & Guest Blogger Responsibilities – Write For Us – Submit An Article:

We do not appreciate spam. Therefore, you must deliver us an original article that you wrote by weaving words. If you end up using any other site to curate any article, ensure that you cite the site in the resources section of your post. Moreover, make sure that any image you use in the section comes from the free section of images. If not, then giving credit to the author in the resource section is necessary. 

The rules and guidelines we have developed ensure the deliverance of high-quality content. Moreover, such a practice assures the highest site standards possible. Therefore, go through the following points if you desire to avail of our guest posting services or wish to become a guest blogger, guest author, or guest writer.

  • Keeping your article short and to the point is the key. 
  • You must use post formatting. 
  • Every blog post should be 100% original content. It should not be posted anywhere else on the web. 
  • The minimum word length is (mention the word limit)
  • Ensure that you follow the proper blog etiquette. By that, we mean no usage of offensive, defamatory or provocative content. 
  • You must include at least two images or screenshots to complement the post. Ensure that you use high-quality images that can be reproduced for the web. 
  • We reserve the right to deny any post that’s been submitted. 
  • Lastly, we also have the right to edit the content for the said of fixing any 
  •  grammatical errors, headings, etc. 

Getting Started

Now that you know the rules and regulations regarding the write for us guest post send us your email for the price and the guest post submission discussion.

What Is Guest Posting?

Guest blogging, which we all know as guest posting, is the practice of penning down a blog post for other clients and the company’s website. Generally, blogger tends to write on any relevant topics within their industry to attract traffic to their website. 

Many SEO experts have claimed that guest posting always pays off. It is also the most significant way to learn about the variables and nuances of writing. Moreover, with such curation techniques, one can earn high-quality links. Being referred to or featured on reputed websites will help you rank higher on search engines. 

Therefore, your visibility will increase. If you keep posting on high authority websites, the chances are that you will get noticed, and that will improve your search engine rankings. This is why most SEO experts refer clients and big buzz whizz to guest posts. 

Benefits Of Guest Posting With Us:

  • You will get backlinks. 
  • You will earn recognition within the community. 
  • You may obtain traffic to your online platforms. 
  • You will get quality backlinks from a Google page. 


Where To Find Relevant Blogs That Accept Guest Posts Or Guest Posting Opportunities?

Finding the chance to guest post is tough, especially on those sites that charge in a justified manner. You can find the right website matching your niche and requirements with a little research. Google the keywords. Add the niche+blogs, and you will find relevant websites that accept the guest posts. Or, you can stick to Mangoster. Write for us and see the change. 

What Is The Difference Between Blogging And Guest Posting?

Blogging requires you to post on your blog. However, when guest posting, you will be writing content that will be published or featured on someone else’s blog. 

To know more about the methodology of paid-for articles sign up, you must contact us. 

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